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A Future of Freelance?

What is a freelancer? A freelancer is self-employed, allowing them to determine their own work, hours, and clients. While jobs used to be clear-cut and defined, the rise of freelance is allowing more people, especially younger generations, to earn money on their own terms. A reported 53% of Gen Z, 40% of millennials, 31% of Gen X, and even 29% of Baby Boomers said they’ve worked freelance in the past. For some, freelance work was their only job, and for others, freelance was a way to earn a supplemental income that their traditional part-time or full-time job could not offer.

With freelancing on the steady rise, the number of platforms that make this work easier and more accessible is growing as well. Indi is the newest way for anyone to earn. Its simplicity and ease of use allow a single post to start your freelance work! Whether you want to advertise your skills or even just your favorite products, anything is possible with Indi. Becoming a freelancer is as simple as signing up!