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How to create short-form entertainment content

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone is rushing from one appointment to the next, trying to squeeze in some entertainment along the way. Whether it’s swiping through endless short-form content on TikTok or trying to sneak a peek at what’s trending on Twitter before sprinting into a class or meeting, people are always looking for short bursts of fun to fill their time. This can be advantageous to creators, but it could also pose itself as a large challenge. On the one hand, if a video or post needs to be short in order to catch someone’s attention, then a creator doesn’t need to put in as much time as they would crafting a movie or a series.

On the other hand, if a video or post needs to be short in order to catch someone’s attention, then a creator needs to be mindful of every second. If a viewer is faced with something boring or mildly uninteresting at the beginning of such content, they’ll be on to the next video with a quick swipe. The key is captivating the viewer’s attention and making every second count. Here are a few things to keep in mind that might help:

1. Formulate a clear thesis or idea before filming.
If you can clarify what you want to accomplish with the video in a sentence or two, then you’ll know what to focus on while filming. That’ll eliminate the possibility of wasting precious seconds at the start of a video while trying to get to the point.

2. Structure the content plot around your skill, product, or message.
The more passionate or knowledgeable you are about the topic you’re creating content about, the more effort you will subconsciously put into the creative process. Viewers will then be able to see that effort and passion and it will excite them as well, increasing the possibility that they watch your whole video and internalize your message when it’s done.

3. Take out your camera, press record, and have fun!
Be as creative as you possibly can. If there’s a cool location or angle that you want to try out, go for it! Think about what would catch your attention if you were swiping through an endless stream of content and integrate that into your video. If you think it’s interesting, then there are other people who will think it’s interesting as well!

Don’t forget to be yourself and let your authenticity breakthrough. Short-term videos can challenge you to hone in on your personality and what message you want to deliver, so don’t forget to have fun, make mistakes, and learn as you go.