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How to teach/coach/instruct over video

Indi provides a perfect platform for connecting over video. Video instruction is becoming increasingly popular due to ease of access and the ability to watch and rewatch content. A common belief, with research supported by the company 3M, is that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. Further studies have concluded that we remember about 80% of what we see, versus 20% of what we read. Teaching, coaching, or instructing virtually makes communication quicker and simpler and is a unique way to engage with your audience.

Types of Instructional Video

  • Tutorial: A step-by-step method on something you know and want to teach others to do
  • Training: Focusing on a single topic or method to inform your audience
  • Content: Are you an expert on a topic? Share your stories, skills, and advice
  • Screen-casting: Perfect for recording yourself speak for your audience to follow along with what you’re writing

Here are some tips for creating your video

  1. Plan what you are going to teach or talk about. It is important to keep your audience engaged and we encourage you to focus on a simple topic since videos are limited to 10 minutes. 
  2. Find ways for your audience to engage with you. Ask questions for viewers to answer or think about, demonstrate concepts yourself, and encourage viewers to practice it themselves.
  3. Try using headphones or a speaker with an external microphone to ensure high-quality audio recording. 
  4. Engage with the camera. Be sure to look at the camera and try positioning the camera above your eyes so that you are looking slightly up at the camera. (Bonus tip: Invest in a professional quality camera. If you don’t have one, no worries — use the back camera of your cell phone!)
  5. Location. Try using a neutral background. If you are filming outside, be aware of conditions such as wind that may affect audio quality. 
  6. Want to write what you teach? Consider using a screen-casting whiteboard platform to create and record your videos before uploading to Indi. (Check out Explain Everything).Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try to keep a natural conversational tone. And keep practicing! No one is perfect when getting started. Indi allows you to create and add separate video clips, taking the pressure off filming one perfect take. It is important to try new methods to find what works best for you.