Indi Achieves Stanford Machine Learning Certification for Entire Technology Development Team

IRVINE, Calif. – Apr. 15, 2019 – The technology team behind the Indi Engagement Cloud, a unique platform allowing brands to engage with their customers, associates, influencers and followers directly in their digital properties, has gained certification in Machine Learning through a comprehensive online course offered by Stanford University.

“Certification of an entire technology team is very rare and represents a clear statement about the quality of our team and our dedication to innovation in this space,” said Indi CEO Neel Grover. “Machine learning is an integral element in assuring the integrity of the processes and performance of the Indi platform for both brands and their followers.”

Among the applications for machine learning in the Indi platform are fraud protection, personalized recommendations and image recognition. Fraud protection comes into play to ensure the veracity of voting results in the platform’s challenge competitions and other engagements. Image recognition is employed to automatically recognize products in videos and photos in posts by followers, then accurately match them to a product catalog for shopping.

In the intensive, eleven-week Stanford certification course, participants learn the most effective machine learning techniques through an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of learning, while gaining the practical know-how to quickly and powerfully apply them. Topics covered include datamining, statistical pattern recognition, linear regression, linear algebra, learning algorithms, logistic regression, regularization and neural networks.

The Indi Engagement Cloud is a SaaS video/photo platform that helps brands engage their customers and associates directly in their digital properties by creating shoppable, commissionable reviews and engagement challenges to drive community, brand awareness and performance-based online sales from social media. Key outcomes include a highly engaged customer base, dramatically extended social media reach and robust social and sales data along with new revenue, income and reward opportunities.

Because the engagement is initiated directly on the brand’s website or in their app (as compared to social media), brands own all the content and receive email addresses, remarketing rights, and robust social media and sales data associated with all submissions.

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About Indi Engagement Cloud
Indi Engagement Cloud is transforming engagement and commerce through a unique platform that enables customer video and photo reviews that are proven to convert much higher than text reviews; performance-based brand ambassador programs with high-converting, authentic, shoppable video and photo content created by store associates and loyal customers; and engagement challenges whereby customers are incentivized to drive brand awareness throughout their social media. The Indi solution is designed to address significant site conversion and social media challenges facing brands around restricted reach, increasing costs, vanity metrics, inflated statistics, fake followings, click fraud and lack of access to data that hinder the ability to generate verifiable impact and ROI.