Indi announces partnership with CG Sports & Olympic athletes

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (July 16, 2021) – Indi, a leading innovator in digital commerce solutions for individuals and groups of individuals, announces its partnership with CG Sports Company and five of their Olympic and Professional athlete clients.

CG Sports Company is a full-service sports agency specializing in athlete branding, sponsorship, media, and publishing. Five CG Sports athletes are utilizing the Indi app to monetize their brand and are cashing in on their passion. Many of these athletes will be competing in the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics and Paralympics as well as other competitions. The five chosen athletes have created their own digital storefront and utilize different features to engage friends and fans.

Followers can get authentic product recommendations from athletes on Indis storefront and on-demand content in the form of personalized shoutouts, tutorials, and one-on-one advice. On-demand content such as photos or videos can be posted on a user’s digital storefront for purchase. When Olympic athletes further monetize their brand using the product recommendation feature, a unique code is created that can be used on any social media platform to share with friends and followers, so they can easily shop recommendations.

Indi provides a unique advertising opportunity for businesses that want to capitalize on brand exposure and the elite athletes wearing and promoting them, pre and post Olympics. More exposure through expanding organic consumer reach allows these athletes or anyone to make extra income doing what they love. Competing Olympians organically become influencers and, in turn, have limitless potential to develop and build followers and fans while sharing what they love. Additionally, athletes receive data on sales made through product and brand recommendations. This invaluable data will help athletes determine value when renewing brand contracts and also provide an opportunity to receive new contracts as they are influencing sales for a multitude of new products along with current sponsorships.

“Indi is the only app offering these features on a single platform, which is why it is so beneficial for our busy athletes wanting to seek an additional income source and provide more exposure,” said Cejih Yung, CG Sports Founder. “Athletes have never had this much control or peer-to-peer engagement and our athletes can receive recognition and cash rewards while building their brand. We pride ourselves on being the agency for the modern athlete and Indi is empowering us to achieve that mission.”

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