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Indi Engage Launches Shopify App for Video and Photo Product Testimonials and Brand Ambassador Programs

IRVINE, Calif. – Jan 6th, 2020 – Indi Engage has launched an App on the Shopify online selling platform. Shopify hosts some 800,000 active stores representing over $100 billion in sales.

Shopify merchants, including large brands as well as individual entrepreneurs, can use the Indi App to collect, curate and publish video and photo testimonials directly on a Shopify merchant’s product pages. Video testimonials on product pages can increase the Merchant’s ecommerce site conversion by up to 80%.

The Indi platform also enables a Shopify merchant to run a brand ambassador program whereby the Shopify merchant’s employees, customers and influencers act as brand ambassadors and upload content and post specific product links in social media that generate trackable sales through the Shopify merchant’s store and whereby the brand ambassador receives a commission or other credit or consideration from the Shopify merchant.

“Shopify is a global innovator with an exceptional approach to supporting sellers through a comprehensive set of capabilities,” said Indi CEO Neel Grover. “We are proud to join in that effort by blending the Indi platform into the mix to add a new dimension for driving sales, site conversion and customer engagement.”

Indi Engage is a SaaS video and photo platform that helps brands engage key constituencies directly on their website or in their app, instead of via social media, by creating shoppable, commissionable reviews as well as engagement challenges to drive community, brand awareness and performance-based online sales. In addition, brands own all the content with access to email addresses, remarketing rights and robust analytics.

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About Indi Engage
Indi Engage is a peer-to-peer, video and photo UGC commerce platform that engages a brand’s customers, employees & influencers to drive authentic awareness and sales to a brand’s website. Indi’s product page Customer Video Testimonials have been proven to drive significantly higher conversion than text reviews, Brand Advocate Programs help leverage existing customers and associates to become your greatest sales force while Indi’s Influencer Storefronts allow for influencer content to persist on your website.