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Indi Engage Partners With X-Cart To Enable Customer, Associate And Influencer Powered Engagement And Advocacy For SMB And SME Clients

IRVINE, Calif. – Jan 29th, 2020 – Indi Engage announces a newly formed partnership with X-Cart, an open-source shopping cart software that gracefully handles large product catalogs while still keeping stores operating quickly. X-Cart will be listing Indi as an eCommerce and digital marketing expert service provider within their App Store and promoting Indi’s engagement verticals to their client base.

X-Cart platform clients will now have the ability to natively implement Indi’s engagement engines for collecting, curating and publishing video and photo testimonials directly on their customers product pages. Video testimonials on product pages have been shown to provide an up to 80% lift in conversions on those pages.

Through this partnership Indi will be reaching X-Cart’s large base of SMB and SME clients who are struggling with the increasing costs and decreasing effectiveness of digital marketing, particularly as it relates to social media platforms.

“X-Cart has a tremendous platform which enables small to mid-market customers to quickly and easily set up comprehensive commerce stores with minimal technical expertise,” said Indi CEO Neel Grover. “We are looking forward to empowering this group of businesses with our Customer Video Testimonial and Brand Advocate Programs so they can better leverage their hard-won customers and fans.”

We have heard repeatedly from small and medium sized businesses that they feel trapped into continuing to spend ever larger amounts to drive social reach and presence and the benefits they receive from those funds grows more tenuous and unverifiable every day,” said Indi CEO Neel Grover. “We are looking forward to working with X-Cart to help brands navigate an increasingly competitive digital landscape.”

Indi Engage is a SaaS video and photo platform that helps brands engage key constituencies directly on their website or in their app, instead of via social media, by creating shoppable, commissionable reviews as well as engagement challenges to drive community, brand awareness and performance-based online sales. In addition, brands own all the content with access to email addresses, remarketing rights and robust analytics.

For more information on the Indi solution, visit http://www.indi.com/brands.


About Indi Engage
Indi Engage is a peer-to-peer, video and photo UGC commerce platform that engages a brand’s customers, employees & influencers to drive authentic awareness and sales to a brand’s website. Indi’s product page Customer Video Testimonials have been proven to drive significantly higher conversion than text reviews, Brand Advocate Programs help leverage existing customers and associates to become your greatest sales force while Indi’s Influencer Storefronts allow for influencer content to persist on your website. http://www.indi.com/brands