Indi Offers Brands a Solution Aligned with Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook Diminishes Brand Presence on Social Media as Indi Taps Customers as Organic Influencers

IRVINE, Calif. – Feb. 15, 2018- has revolutionized the way brands market on social media by allowing customers to become brand ambassadors and instant influencers through user-generated videos. Customers are the last untapped sales force, and Indi is helping brands activate their customers because they are the ones that are your most valuable “influencers.” A satisfied customer can spread the word to their friends in an authentic and real way, and now, on Indi they can do it on video and get paid, win an amazing experience or other great prizes to share! Indi was created to tap into the power of real content created by consumers about the brands they love… then when they share the content organically on social media brands get a real reach and an organic buzz going.

With Facebook’s big change this year, recently announcing that they will place an even greater importance on individuals’ content — not content from companies— reaching potential new customers on social media is harder than ever for brands. Content generated by brands and companies continue to get pushed down newsfeeds and essentially blacked out.

“As the [Facebook] changes roll out over the next few months, businesses will most likely see a significant decrease in organic reach,” stated Hootsuite’s article on the topic. Essentially, if content is generated by a company, it gets a lower priority than the content individuals post to connect with their friends.

Indi, which specializes in getting individuals talking about products and brands, stepped into the right position at the right time. Brands everywhere work through Indi’s platform to unlock the natural pitch from within loyal customers or employees, who can earn money, other rewards and experiences for their product reviews and endorsements. The user-generated video gets shared by users, and is a handy tool that works in harmony with Facebook’s decision to re-organize how its users find content.

“We created this platform to help brands make effective and engaging micro-influencers out of their most die-hard customers or even employees,” said Neel Grover, the founder and chief executive officer of Indi. “As Facebook has diminished the voice of brands it has, in essence, magnified the need for authentic campaigns driven by individuals, like we have on Indi.”

Indi also cleverly worked in the next step by serving as an access point for customers to find the products they learn about through videos. Users watching a golf club review can link directly to the products they’ve just learned about at a retailer’s website. Product ambassadors load videos to their Indi channel then directly share into their social media streams, and new customers can instantly shop the video.

Brands like Macy’s, the Denver Broncos, America’s Got Talent, Domino’s and Starbucks have turned to Indi to boost their social media engagement and influence, all without needing paid promotion. Native outreach on social media by individuals just became the must-do marketing move of 2018, and Indi already has the perfect platform to execute it.

About Indi

Indi is a video engagement and commerce platform that is revolutionizing the online buying world. Indi is pioneering shoppable content to power performance-based customer-influencer programs for brands and retailers. The platform gives individuals the ability to earn money from posting video product reviews from thousands of retailers and brands. Indi’s word-of-mouth engagement challenges drive organic personal social sharing of brand-safe content that converts. Brands of all sizes have partnered with Indi to incentivize their customers to drive organic and authentic content and product sales throughout social media. Indi is founded by the former leaders of, Rakuten and Bluefly who have sold more than $5 Billion online. Start your Indi channel today at or download the App in the Apple or Google Play stores.