Welcome X-Cart Merchants!

Supercharge your X-Cart store with the Indi Engagement Cloud. OWN your customer engagement. OWN robust data around your customers and their network of friends and family, including email addresses. OWN UGC content and the rights to remarket it. Most of all, MAKE MORE SALES!

Indi’s partnership with X-Cart allows us to offer you discounted rates on the only platform on the market which gives you the same capabilities Amazon uses for their Brand Ambassador Program and Video Reviews on product display pages. For more information and pricing, contact us using the form below.

    Boost Conversions

    Adding video testimonials and product reviews to product display pages can drastically increase conversion rates. Up to 80% in some cases! Amazon recently launched video reviews for all of their product pages, now you can too.

    Virtual Sales Force

    Use Indi’s performance based Brand Ambassador Program to build your own virtual sales force of “micro-influencers”. Our solution builds personalized tracking links for your customers, employees, and influencers to share into their social media with their photo and video content to drive revenue and new customers.

    Own the Engagement

    Organic brand reach in social is less than 1% of your follower base. On top of this, the cost of digital marketing is skyrocketing. With Indi, your customer engagement happens on your own X-Cart store, and then utilizes individuals sharing into social.